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08/31/15: I usually celebrate either R. Crumb's birthday, or Kankakee's own Fred MacMurray's birthday, but I just found out that yesterday would have been the 101st birthday of Willard Waterman, best known as one of the actors portraying The Great Gildersleeve on radio. He also played the Great Man on the short-lived TV version. A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Waterman took over the character when its originator, Harold Peary, left the show to move to another network. They sound so much alike, though, that it was a seamless transition.

08/15/15: For the second year in a row, we took a short drive up to Milwaukee to see an exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and to take in some of the Milwaukee Irish Fest. We did this last year, but tried to plan it a little better this time. We intended to drive up on Friday, go to the museum and the Irish Fest, then stay the night and come home on Saturday, but that plan went out the window when Kisu's favorite spa was booked, and while my parents said they would watch her Friday, we didn't feel comfortable leaving her there all night.
     Last year, the museum had a Kandinsky exhibit, but this year it was Modern Rebels, with the work of multiple artists, including some of Stephie's favorites. We liked it so much that we became members, so maybe we'll get up there more than once a year.
     the Irish Fest was mostly a good time as well, with a few hitches. Again, we got in on the cheap, taking advantage of the early-bird Friday tickets, but it was so hot that we spent most of the time looking for shade. Stephie was so warm that she bought a dress from one of the vendors, then went and changed into it! We walked around, enjoying the food and the music (and the beer!) but then the skies began to look threatening, and everyone checking their phones saw that a line of bad thunderstorms were moving into the area. We finished watching the band at the tent we were under (Ten Strings and a Goat Skin - really good!) and headed back to the car. We never did catch more than a sprinkle, but I kept checking the rear-view mirror all the way home, and it looked like the clouds were following us!

08/06/15: Nothing in any of the local papers about our early-morning excitement last weekend. I'd feel funny calling the police station, so maybe we'll never know what the full story was. All I know is that if there was a shot after that guy was yelling, we'd be looking to move out at the first opportunity. Not sure where we'd move to, though.

08/01/15: A strange thing happened this morning. We shut off the AC and opened the windows before going to bed, since the temperature dropped to comfortable for the first time this week. At 4:15am, Stephie and I were woken up by a male voice shouting, "Sir! Ma'am! Can you please help me? Please?" He said that several times, at which time we were both wide awake. I tried to look out the window without being seen, but I never got a glimpse of him, and I was not sure where he was at. I could hear Stephie calling 911, so I went back to the bedroom. After he hung up, we heard the man say, "NO! Please don't shoot me! Don't shoot!" We looked at each other as we heard the man say something else that we couldn't understand because it sounded like he was running away. Then we saw the lights in the alley as three police cars arrived.
     I wasn't sure what to do, but Kisu decided she wanted to go out, since we were already up. I put her on the leash and took her out front. We saw a policemen in our side yard, looking along the bushes. He came over and I told him what we heard, including when the man said not to shoot. As I was talking to him, there was chatter on his radio, and we heard another policeman call for an ambulance for a suspect that was "disoriented". I asked the policemen if he thought that was the guy, and he said "they said it was related." Kisu and I went back in and we tried to go back to sleep.
     While we were walking Kisu this afternoon, we discussed this with several of our neighbors, and nobody heard a thing. Everyone said they had their AC on and windows closed, so they didn't even know that three squad cars had been in our alley overnight. I checked on-line if there was anything in the local police blotters, but saw nothing. I guess we'll have to wait for the local paper to find out what happened.

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