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09/30/16: Kisu would have turned 15 today. At least once a day, something reminds me that she's not with us any more. Watching someone walk their dog. Looking behind the furniture and seeing clumps of dog hair. Sitting quietly at my computer and thinking that I see some movement out of the corner of my eye like when she used to come in to see what I was doing.
     Lying in bed, before I drift off to sleep, I imagine I hear tiny footfalls in the apartment somewhere. She was not a large dog, but her passing has left an enormous hole in our lives. I still think about her every day, but more so today. Happy Birthday, pumpkin.

09/21/16: Today, we went shopping at Target. Stephie had two gift cards (one for $50 and one for $7) so rather than go to our usual grocery store, we thought try the Target food section. We picked out some food items, then grabbed some cleaning supplies, and finally a bottle of wine. We hadn't been tallying up the prices, but on our way to the checkout, Stephie looked at the stuff in the cart, trying to gauge the total. We used to try to keep track, just for fun, but today we just threw stuff in the cart. When the total came up on the screen at check-out, the bill was $57.03. How did she do that?

09/04/16: We've been subscribers to Netflix since 2001. Even when they started the streaming service, we stuck with the DVDs by mail, because so few of the movies that I really want to see were available to stream. I've periodically checked, and never more than around 25% of our queue can be seen via streaming. (As of today, according to http://instantwatcher.com, only 6 of the 58 movies in our queue can be streamed.) Plus, I usually like watching the extras that come on the disks, although that's taken a hit in recent years with the disks manufactured specifically for Netflix that don't contain the extras, even though they menu options are still there. That's maddening.
     A few years ago we switched from 3 disks at a time to 2, to save a couple of bucks. We usually only watch one of the DVDs on any particular day, but today, we watched both we had (one my pick and one Stephie's pick) and both were terrific. My pick was When Marnie Was There, an animated film from Studio Ghibli, the people who brought us Spirited Away and one of my all-time favorites, My Neighbor Totoro. It's a beautifully-told story about a young girl spending a summer at a seaside town, and the friendship which develops between her and another girl, who may or may not be a ghost. It's not as "magical" as other Ghibli productions, but it was a great story.
     As much as I liked Marnie, I liked the other film even more. Stephie said she picked The Magic of Belle Isle simply because because Morgan Freeman was in it. Freeman plays an alcoholic writer who moves into a small town and interacts with its residents, most notably the young girl who lives next door, who wants to become a writer. I started smiling shortly after the movie began, and I don't think I stopped until it was over. It is a little corny in spots, and maybe a little predictable, but we loved it. After it finished, I looked it up on the 'net and found that it went straight to video (never a good sign, especially considering the stars and the director, Rob Reiner) and had lousy reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I don't understand it, because I thought it was funny and charming, and told a terrific story. We highly recommend it. Oh, and it's available for streaming on Netflix! (Sadly, Marnie isn't.)

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