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11/30/15: Success! This afternoon I hit the elusive 50,000 word goal for my novel. Unfortunately, as was the case last time I did this, the story is not done yet, so I'm pressing on. Stephie's been enjoying it, and I've sent most of it to a guy at work, who had only two words for me: "Write faster."

11/28/15: I'm on a roll! On Monday morning, I was 6600 words behind on my daily word count, but after writing 4300 words Tuesday, and 3000 Wednesday and today, I am only 145 words behind where I should be. At this rate, I might hit my goal a day early, which I believe is what I've done the other three times I tried. Still no idea how long the book is actually going to be, but Stephie is enjoying it so far, so I must be doing something right!

11/24/15: The Chicago Book Expo was lots of fun (details are on the THC Writers Group blog) but I got no writing done on Saturday, then I took Sunday off as well, which on top of last weeks deficit put me in a pretty big hole. But since I had two killer days in a row, and I'm closer to plan than I've been in over a week. Another day like today and I'll be above the line for the first time since day 1. And on top of that, I think I know where the story is going now!

11/21/15: Things are looking up a bit. Stephie and Kisu are feeling better, and I'm finally starting to catch up on my word count. (The story is coming along fine, too.)
     I'll have a little setback tomorrow as I'm spending all day at the Chicago Book Expo at Columbia College, and I'll only be home in time to pick Stephie up to go to the last THC Reading Series night of the year, so I don't expect to get much, if anything, written tomorrow. That just means that Sunday I'll be digging out of a bigger hole again. Oh, well...

11/15/15: Had a rough week. Stephie's sick, Kisu's sick, the THC Writers Group met today, and I had some reading to do ahead of that. It seemed that for the past few days, everything was plotting against me getting my word count done.
     But I'm not worried. I'm only halfway through the month. I'm off work Monday and Tuesday, and besides a little pre-Thanksgiving house cleaning, I hope to spend a significant amount of time writing. And the story is really getting good!

11/09/15: I looked back at my stats from the three other times I'd done this, and it seems that I fall behind a little a the end of the first week, so with that in mind, I'm right on track.

11/08/15: I had a little setback today as I broke one of the cardinal rules of NaNoWriMo and went back to rewrite something I wrote yesterday. I had a scene in which my main character was being chased by a car driven by the bad guys, but I kept thinking of the car chase I had in The Hidden Message, which I think worked so well because I had the entire route mapped out, to where I actually walked the route downtown where the chase ended. The chapter I wrote yesterday was just a bunch or random left and right turns, ending up on Lake Shore Drive, and as I went to bed, I wasn't satisfied. I got up this morning and had two thoughts. One: I need to plot out the route, and drop a few street names in, to make it more realistic to me (and hopefully to the reader.) and two: why are the bad guys chasing my hero? They already know where he lives. I should have him chase them. SO I threw away around 600 words and the story is much better for it!

11/05/15: As my old boss used to say, things are progressing along smartly with NaNoWriMo. Something new this year: one of my buddies from the THC Writers Group has also taken up the challenge, and I have him as my Writing Buddy. I don't consider myself a competitive person, but watching his word count go up makes me want to keep going, since I don't want him to be that far ahead of me. This is not a competition in the strictest sense, since it doesn't matter what the final count is (as long as it's over 50,000 words) but I'll be ticked if we get to the end of the month and he hits the 50K and I don't. I won't be able to live with myself!

11/01/15: Call me crazy, but I'm trying NaNoWriMo again this year. If you don't know (and how can you not know since you're in the Internet), that's the National Novel Writing Month challenge, in which a whole bunch of people all over the world try to crank out a first draft of a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. I actually took the challenge and "won" in 2010, 2011 and 2012. I didn't try the last two years because I was busy with other things, but I somehow felt I was missing out on something, so this year, I'm going for it. I'll post semi-regular updates here, but you'll have to excuse me if I miss a few days because, you know, I'm writing!

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