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03/30/04: One year ago today, this silly puppy came to live with us, and our life is better for it. She was a handful at first (sometimes still is) but we couldn't do without her. Click here to see a couple new pictures, and a bunch of old classics!

03/27/04: What is this strange and wonderful landscape pictured here? Why, it's Stephanie's entry into this year's Edible Art show. If you were unable to attend, click here to see pictures of all the entries, and many more pictures of Stephie's creation. It will be just like being there, except without the eating!

03/24/04: For anyone in the LaGrange area on Friday night, there's going to be an exhibition of Edible Art at the LaGrange Art League. Stephanie is working on something beautiful and tasty, and from what we saw there the past two years, there is going to be some very creative stuff on display. And the best thing about the display is after the judging, we all get to eat the art! If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by. Check the link above for more information and directions to the gallery.

03/22/04: Yesterday was the second anniversary of the worst day of my life: the day Cheyenne passed away, and next week is the first anniversary of our adopting Kisu, one of the best days in recent memory. It's funny...the latter seems like it was only yesterday, yet the former seems to have been so long ago.

It's amazing how quickly, and how deeply, our pets can worm their way into our lives. There was a story on NPR's Living on Earth a couple weeks ago about pampered pets, and the quote that stuck with me was "Dogs are the world's most effective social parasites. That is, they have brilliantly injected themselves into the social system of another species, which very few species ever do."

Don't we know it!

03/18/04: So a couple years ago, the multinational conglomerate that I worked for was bought out by a larger multinational conglomerate, and they sent us to the new home office to get our picture taken for our new ID badges. They sent us in groups, so a sizable number of us were there at the same time, lined up in the cramped office just like in high school. And just like in high school, certain people started to get silly. Well c'mon: it was getting warm in there, it was right before lunch, we had to wait a long time as they took the pictures one after another. It was a recipe for disaster.

Of course, someone said that we should make faces on the picture. Smile funny, blink as the picture was taken, hold up numbers under your chin, something! I said that I should arch my eyebrow and try to look suave. Half the people said "Yeah, Do it!" and the other half said "You're not gonna do it!" I, of course, was up to the challenge.

Unfortunately, what was suave in my head turned out a little different when it hit my face. At least they didn't make me take it over.

03/06/04: There's a couple new pictures on Stephanie's Art Pages. You should go check them out RIGHT NOW!

03/04/04: According to my favorite birthday and events page, on this day 80 years ago, "Happy Birthday To You" was first published by Claydon Sunny. Which raises an interesting question: What did they sing at birthday parties before 1924? Was there a different birthday song that everyone knew? And did they have those candles that keep re-igniting themselves after you blow them out?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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