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04/20/15: The Windy City Pulp and Paperback Convention is a wrap for 2015. The picture here is my booty from three days at the convention. You can click the picture for a different view, in which you can read all the titles on the books.
     It's not as big a pile as I've had in the past, but there's some really good stuff. I bought a few vintage pulps, some old paperbacks, some new collections, a couple of new stories, and two hardcover comics collections.
     I started on Friday, as I usually do, by just quickly going through the dealer room to get an idea of the where I wanted to spend my time. Oddly enough, I bought several books in that first hour and a half, and all were on my want list! That rarely happens, as sometimes things sit on that list for years. I also picked up the first Steve Ditko Omnibus for a third of the cover price. I thought that was going to be the bargain of the weekend, but that prize was at the next table.
     I've been a fan of the original Captain Marvel ever since we were small and Dad would tell us about this character he used to read who was a kid who could become a superhero by shouting the word "Shazam!" We finally got to read stories with this character when DC got the rights in the '70s and started a monthly comic, which sometimes would reprint stories from the '40s and early '50s. I've read many stories since then, in reprints and in a few golden age comics I'd been able to afford. But one thing always eluded me. It was a hardcover book, part of a series that DC put out just before we were discovering comics in the '70s. There were four volumes, one each for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and what they were already calling Shazam, because in the interim, Marvel Comics had trademarked the name. I have the Superman and Batman volumes, but had never actually seen a copy of the Shazam book. On that Friday, there was a copy on one of the tables, with a $75 price tag.
     I stopped and looked, then moved on. I had what was actually for me a substantial budget for the weekend, but $75 would take a big chunk out of it, and since it was only Friday, I figured the guy would not be open to haggling. Over the next two days, I would walk by the table, gazing longingly at the book, but just thinking it was out of my price range. But Saturday night I thought about it, about how I'd never seen a copy in person, let alone one in such great condition, and how Stephie so kindly said "that doesn't seem that expensive" when I told her about it. So on Sunday morning, I stopped at the cash station, got a couple of extra bucks, and walked right up to the table an bought it. And I'm glad I did.
     Overall it was a great weekend. I got to talk to some of the writers I regularly chat with. I gave two of them copies of The Sleep Detectives last year. Ron Fortier said that he still has it on his to-be-read pile and plans to review it on his site, and Tommy Hancock said that he had reviewed it (favorably, I might add) but it seems that in his change from one hosting company to another, his site lost most of his reviews. He said he'd repost it and let me know when the review was up. I saw two movies based on H.P. Lovecraft stories, looked at some fascinating original art, set in on a couple of interesting panels, watched but did not bid on anything at the Saturday auction, and just had a great time, as I have every year. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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