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02/15/10: The 2010 Birthday Season has officially begun, with Stephie and Dad sharing their birthday again as they have for many years. This year I'm fortunate that my new job has given me a day off so I can stay home and celebrate with Stephie. They said there was also something about Presidents, but I know it's just so I can spend the day with my wife. Happy Birthday Sweetie, and Happy Birthday Dad.

02/10/10: Things have been kind of tough around here lately, as we are struggling with the loss of our one of our best friends, our upstairs neighbor Kevin, who passed away suddenly last week at the way-too-young age of 50 (or 32 in hex, which tickled him when I pointed that out). A talented musician and artist, Kevin was one of those guys who seemed to always be in a good mood, was always eager to offer assistance to a friend, and was just an all-around good guy. And Kisu loved him too, practically knocking him over in her attempt to lick his face when she saw him, which he didn't seem to mind at all. He lived upstairs from us for almost 15 years, and even though we didn't see him every day, or even every week, I think it's going to be real difficult for us knowing we'll never see him again. No more knocks at the door to drop off leftover pizza, or to show us a new tattoo he just gave himself, or to show us a new picture he just completed, or just to say "Hi". It's been almost a week and it still doesn't seem real.
     In my effort to make some sense of this, I've been looking him up on the 'net, just to see what's out there. He was a long-time member of Johnny Justice, a local cover band of some renown. They broke up late last year and their site is gone (although you can find it in the Wayback machine) but their MySpace page is still there, although it hasn't been updated in a while. From there, I found that Kevin actually had his own MySpace page at one point. I think what he wrote in the "About Me" was great, and pretty much sums up what we loved in his character. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me quoting him here:
It's really not at all about me, it's about every one around me. It's about treating people right. Even the ones that won't get or respect others! It's about helping and listening and sharing. Knowing when to shut up and when to quit cuz you, he or she jus done had enough. Its about painting what you see in your mind, with your eyes and your imagination. It's about playing what you feel and not just what's already been it's about variance flexibility and annoyiance. It's about lightening up because the world is too effin nuts as it is. It's about respect and manners and and and...it's about playing music, which is creating and thats artistic and that's truely productive. It's productive whether you hear it or see it alone or share it with others.
He loved his music, he loved his art, he loved his nieces, and we loved him. Rest In Peace, pal. You are sorely missed.

02/09/10: It's Tie Tuesday! This started back in December when I wore a suit and tie to work because I had a job interview. Someone asked me why I was wearing a tie, and I didn't want to mention the interview, so I replied "Because it's Tuesday!" And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I have lots of ties in my closet going back to my Dominick's days (some too hideous to wear in public) and I rarely have an opportunity to wear most of them. So each Tuesday in December I wore one of my Christmas ties. I had such a good response, I've kept going into the new year. And it's catching on, too. Last week there was one other guy in the office wearing a tie on Tuesday, and today there is another. As I told someone last week, when it was just me it was an affectation, now it's a trend!

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