What I did on my Spring Break

by Matt Bieniek - Grade 3

May 26, 2020.

Spring Break was no fun this year. Mom and Dad promised we would go to Disney World, and I was looking forward to seeing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and Baloo and all my favorites, but Mom says that there's something going on that's making people sick and because of that, we can't go.

That was a bummer, but we were still going to stay at Grandma's house for Easter. Grandma says that it's good luck to eat out of the blessed basket on Easter morning. Dad always eats polish sausage for breakfast (yuck!) but I look in the basket for the little chocolate eggs that Grandma hides there for me. Chocolate eggs for breakfast is the best!

But we couldn't go there, either. Dad says that it's because somebody named Cheeto-head wasn't doing his job. I don't know who this Cheeto-head is, or why he's not doing his job, but Dad's face gets really red whenever he talks about him. I like Cheetos (especially the Flaming Hot ones!) and I can't imagine anyone who has a Cheeto for a head being a bad guy. Dad says I'll understand one day but I don't know.

I asked Mom if Mike could come over to play video games. Mike's my best friend and his mom is a nurse, so I figured they should have a lot of those masks that everyone has to wear outside, like Dad does when he walks Baloo, my dog. When I asked, Mom and Dad looked at each other in a way that was kind of scary. Mom then said that because of everybody outside being sick, I couldn't have any of my friends over.

It's kind of neat to have Dad home all day, even though he works on his computer a lot. We get to play video games together, and I usually beat him. One day he came home from the store with a big box of toilet paper rolls, and we built a fort in my room out of them. It looked pretty good until Baloo wanted to play too and knocked it down. Dogs don't understand forts.

The only good thing about this spring break is that it's still going on! Dad says because of Cheeto-head, I don't have to go back to school yet. And he says that Cheeto-head is a bad guy.

I don't know when school will start again, but I hope it's not for a long time. Mom says that I still have school work to do that Mrs. Kasper and the other teachers sent her to help me with, assignments like this essay, but we do that before lunch and the rest of the day we play games and watch cartoons.

Whatever's going on, I hope it never ends!

© Matthew Bieniek, 2020.