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11/01/18: I probably should have my head examined, but I'm attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. For those of you new to the neighborhood, this is the National Novel Writing Month challenge that has people all over the world attempting to write a 50,000 word first draft of a novel in the month of November. This will be my fifth attempt, after having been successful on all four previous tries, so I feel the stakes are a little higher this year. I hope to complete book two of my Barnstormers story in 30 days. Wish me luck!

11/01/15: Call me crazy, but I'm trying NaNoWriMo again this year. If you don't know (and how can you not know since you're in the Internet), that's the National Novel Writing Month challenge, in which a whole bunch of people all over the world try to crank out a first draft of a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. I actually took the challenge and "won" in 2010, 2011 and 2012. I didn't try the last two years because I was busy with other things, but I somehow felt I was missing out on something, so this year, I'm going for it. I'll post semi-regular updates here, but you'll have to excuse me if I miss a few days because, you know, I'm writing!

10/26/14: Many of you know that I'm a regular at the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series. Once a month on a Saturday evening, we have a featured reader, followed by as many open mic readers as we have people who want to get up and read. This month was a little different. With Halloween coming up next week, they decided to celebrate the season with an evening-long, Halloween-themed open mic. Everyone was encouraged to bring in their "best scary stories, poems, and dramatic works" to share with the group. Sounds great, right?
     This year, I've been focusing more on short stories than novels, both in consuming and creating. I've been listening to a number of short story podcasts, and one that I like a lot is Pseudopod, which features horror-themed stories. I figured I should be able to come up with a story for the reading series night. I had been thinking about it since the theme was announced, so a couple of weeks ago, I sat down at the computer to write a horror short story. I opened up my word processor, created a new file...
     And just sat there, staring at the blank screen. I started a couple of times, but before I got too far I erased what I wrote. I had a few idea, but I just couldn't get started. After about an hour, I thought I'd just work on something else, and let the Halloween story stew for a little longer. I opened the file to work on Stalking Stan Dixon, the latest story I'm serializing at the THC, and I quickly found that I couldn't do anything with that, either. I was completely blocked. I then shut the computer off and went to watch TV.
     A couple of days later, inspiration struck me as it usually does: when I was in the shower, getting ready to go to work. I held onto the idea until I was on the train to work, and typed a quick couple of paragraphs on my phone, then later that evening, when I got home from work, I sat down and the first draft flowed out as fast as I could type. The story came out pretty well, if I do say so myself. After I read it at the THC, Jenny said that I captured the feeling of the day pretty well. Read Into The Fog and see if you agree.

06/14/03: Welcome to the first draft of our web site. This site has grown out of my final project for a web design class that I took at Elmhurst College. I was so happy with the way it turned out that I wanted to share it with the world (or at least with any relatives and friends who have computers). My sister-in-law Laura was kind enough to let me store the site temporarily on her server, but I wanted to make it a little more permanent, and expand on it, so I talked to a co-worker who recommended Parcom as an inexpensive and reliable hosting company.

I waited until Graduation was over and finally decided on a name for the site. I know that .com is supposed to be for companies, but most everyone knows web sites as .com so that's what I went with. I sat down at work (on Friday the 13th) and signed up for this site. I filled out the form on Parcom's site, entered in my credit card information, put in my site name ('mattandstephanie.com') and submitted it. The form came back with none of my information, but had my order number, and prompted me to register the domain. In the meantime, my phone rang, a co-worker asked me a question, and I was otherwise distracted for a minute. I filled out the domain form, entered in my credit card information, put in my site name ('stephanieandmatt.com') and submitted it.

Shortly after that, I received an e-mail from Parcom. It said
"You requested that Parcom register the domain name: stephanieandmatt.com (and approved the request). You requested that Parcom HOST the domain name: mattandstephanie.com Which is the correct combination for hosting and domain registration?"
They must think I'm an idiot. I replied back that they should just use stephanieandmatt.com, since I already approved it. (I later told Stephanie what happened, and she said she liked mattandstephanie.com better. Maybe I'll register that as well and point it to the same site. If I can't keep it straight, it's likely others will have the same problem.

Anyway, enjoy Cheyenne's Pages, and check back later for more stuff. I plan to put some of Stephanie's award-winning art here, as well as pictures of Kisu, and anything else that I think that you may find interesting.

By the way, the pictures on Cheyenne's Pages are randomly selected when the page loads (except for three spots), so you may see different pictures every time the page loads. Refresh often!

Thanks for looking.

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