About a week before Halloween, I got an e-mail from one of the team leads at work, suggesting that it would be funny if the entire department dressed up like babies for Halloween. I asked why, but didn't get a very good answer. However, being the team player that I am, I immediately began to wonder how I could make something creative but not inappropriate.

I started thinking about something that I've seen many times in the past, but most recently a couple weeks ago. We were in a restaurant and this woman came in wearing a baby like a reverse backpack. The kid was in a harness on this woman's chest, and her arms and legs were just flopping when the woman walked. I thought, wow, it would be nice to have someone carry me around like that, and I also thought I might be able to do something like that, except make the mom's head fake and I would be the baby's head! Funny how these things come to you when you're stuck in traffic.

I tried explaining this to Stephie, even drew her a picture, and she just gave me one of those looks that I've grown accustomed to over the years, you know: Yeah, you're crazy, but go ahead. We went to Wal-Mart and bought all the supplies, downloaded a pattern (and the face I was going to use) from the Internet, and here you have it. (I have to say that without Stephie's help, I never would have made it in time. Thanks, honey-bunch!)

(If you click a picture, a larger version will open up in a new window.)

Trick or treat!

Fussy baby.

Maybe not so fussy!

When Stephie got home, I was chasing her around squealing "Kiss the Baby!". (Why didn't I think of that at work?)

Here's a picture they took at work. Probably should have used a flash:

And just because we should end with something really cute, here's a new pic of Kisu. She went to the spa today and got a spiffy new bandana:

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