This is Kisu. We adopted her on March 30, 2003 from the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, which is the same place we took Cheyenne the day we found her. I suppose someday I'll write Kisu's story, but in the meantime, here's some pictures of her. If you click a picture, a larger version will open up in a new window.

12/27/2009 Update: Some people have asked us if Kisu is bothered by her snow boots. I think this video shows that once she has them on, she doesn't even notice.

1/04/2008 Update: It's time for a quick walk in the snow. Kisu has her new boots on, so she's ready to go! Here's a couple things we saw on our walk:

Here's a little snow-bear we saw on the next block. He looks a little like Winnie the Pooh, or maybe a sitting gummi bear.

This snowman was a little over six feet tall! Unfortunately he was behind a hedge, and the snow on the hedge was messing with the flash.

What's this in the window? Are we in early forties Hammond, Indiana?

I wonder if this one is "from Italy", like the one in the movie.

It's a shame that this cute little snowman was built in a parking area in the alley. He should have been out where more people would see him and enjoy him.

What will we see on our next walk? Who knows, but Kisu's ready to go!

2/11/2007 Update: Siggy was by for an extended visit a couple weeks back. Here's some images of the kids playing.

(If you don't see a video above, you probably need to install a Flash player. Click here to download one.)

1/14/2007 Update: Pictures from the Wetnose Christmas Party. There are also a few more pictures on Dave's Wetnose OBT Photos page, and lots more on his Lyons Member page (password required).

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