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The Cheyenne Story - part 10 - A Traveling Dog:

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     We rapidly got to a point where we couldn't remember what our lives were like before Cheyenne. She became the focal point of the household. We couldn't do anything without her, and wherever we went, we wanted to take her with. We took her to Grandma's house, to Pet Care to buy food, to the store, to the vet, to friend's houses, to the park. We took her on vacation whenever we could.

     We decided that we were going to see how she would be on vacation, so we booked a weekend in Lake Geneva. The place we picked said that they accepted dogs, and that the rooms were actually separate cabins, so we figured that if she barked a lot, or otherwise was uncomfortable, we wouldn't disturb anyone. And if there was a real problem, we weren't so far away that we couldn't return easily.

     Cheyenne was wonderful on the ride there. She sat in the back and watched the scenery go by for as long as she could, then she just laid down on the seat and took a nap. We initially thought that the trip up would be the hard part, so we figured we were home free.

     We got to the cabin, and I opened the trunk to get the luggage out and Stephanie took Cheyenne out behind the cabin to stretch her legs and let her relieve herself. I'm carrying the stuff in when I hear "Oh, no, Cheyenne. No!" I look around and here they come. Cheyenne looks as proud of herself as Stephanie looks disgusted. It seemed as though Cheyenne went and found the smelliest pile of decaying plant matter in the entire state of Wisconsin and before Stephanie could stop her, she promptly rolled in it! We tried to clean her off as best as we could, but we still spent three days in a cabin with the stinkiest dog in the Midwest!

     Other trips were less eventful, and more fun. We went to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on a day trip once, and were looking for a place to eat, when we spotted this restaurant in the middle of town. It had a big wooden deck on the front with picnic tables so you could eat outside. The waitress saw us checking out the menu posted on the wall and told us it was OK to bring Cheyenne on the deck with us, so Cheyenne was able to join us for dinner.

     Another time we drove down to Metropolis, Illinois for the annual Superman Celebration. We actually had a hotel room that we were able to bring her into, and she behaved wonderfully, both in the room and during the long ride.

     She had become such a fixture in the car, that when we had to buy a new car for Stephanie, we looked at all the cars with Cheyenne in mind. We though that we would get a four-door, so that it would be easier for her to get in and out of. Stephanie threw that idea out the window when she fell in love with the then-new VW Beetle. Although it wasn't a four-door, it was the car she wanted. As it turns out, the New Beetle is a great car to have if you have an older dog. It was surprisingly easy for Cheyenne to get in and out of, so much so that we wound up calling it "The Pookie Car", because "Pookie" had become Cheyenne's official pet name.

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