On September 13,2003, Stephanie helped her friend Diane with a display at the Kathy and Judy Science Fair at Hoffman Estates High School. Diane was trying to determine how people (and some animals) peel a banana, whether they open it from the stem end or from the other end. Here's some pictures from the event. If you click a picture, a larger version will open up in a new window.

Click here to see the scientific results.

Welcome to the show!

View of the hall as you walk in

The scientists

Working the booth

The scientists with the Original Scientist!

Posing for the adoring masses

The booth

The tension mounts...

Kathy and Judy announce the winners. Unfortunately, their booth didn't win any awards, but Stephie and Diane "vow to return again next year, with a more spectacular display, possibly involving some science!"

Stephie does a little research at a competing display.

And here are the final results of the survey:

And Diane writes:

Here are some additional things I learned:

- Nearly 600 people took the survey (440 women, 147 men).
- 95% of men and 92% of women peel bananas from the stem (doohickey) end.
- 56% of women and 57% of men use just their hands to open bananas.
- Only 6 out of 600 said they did not like bananas (4 women, 2 men).
- Of the 28 dogs that eat bananas, only 4 were male and only 2 (both female) actually peeled them!
- 12% of men and 7% of women used their teeth to open bananas.
- 30% of men and 36% of women use a utensil to open bananas when the peel is hard to break.
- 1% of men and 1% of women have a unique way of peeling bananas that does not involve opening it from either end.
- John Williams does not like his dog.

-- and coconut halves have to be well sanded before wearing !