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08/24/18: Cautionary tale: today I accidentally deleted all of Stephie's artwork from our server. I was trying to help her do something and got frustrated, so I went to delete the file I was working on. In my haste, I used the Shift-Delete key combination, which hard-deletes the file rather than placing them in the Recycle Bin to be removed later. I didn't notice that Windows had helpfully selected all the files in the folder, so when I deleted what I thought was just the file I was messing with, it happily deleted everything. Several hundred pictures of Stephie's artwork were gone in the blink of an eye. I thought was going to be sick.
     Fortunately, I had just done my monthly back up this morning. I'd tested restoring my backups in the past, but back when I used to back up to tape, I'd had tapes fail and not been able to recover anything. I didn't have that problem this time and the restore worked like a charm. I recovered all the pictures that I had inadvertently deleted.
     Two lesson learned today: I should stop using the Shift-Delete combination, especially when I'm frustrated and not paying attention, and more importantly, make sure I keep to my monthly backup plan.

08/20/18: This was the weekend of the annual Silent Summer Film Festival, put on by The Silent Film Society of Chicago. I've been going for many years now (and have the t-shirts to prove it!) but this year I was only able to make one screening: Rin-Tin-Tin: Where The North Begins from 1923. I thought that I could talk Stephie into going, since it was Rin-Tin-Tin, but she's sticking with her "Only Douglas Fairbanks" rule for silent movies, and I respect that. I went yesterday and the film was terrific, as was the organ accompaniment. I haven't been to too many SFSC events since they moved most of them to week-nights at the Arcadia in St. Charles, but I was glad I went.
     While I was there, I was looking around at the crowd and it skewed older, and I was thinking about how future generations will see silent films. I keep hearing about how hard it is to get young people to watch a black and white film, let alone one that has no dialogue. I remember how excited I was to see silent films when I was a kid, and it made me a little sad to think that not a lot of kids have that curiosity, although I don't know how may of my peers growing up had those same interests.
     But I think all is not lost. I stopped at Jewel on the way home, and behind the deli counter was a young woman who noticed my Silent Summer t-shirt on a previous visit, when she told me that she really liked silent films, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend. When I saw her there, I gave her a flyer I picked up listing all the upcoming SFSC events, including a Halloween showing of The Phantom of the Opera at a church in LaGrange. She seemed really excited about that.
     And on my way out, the cashier commented on my t-shirt showing the moon from Melies' Trip to the Moon. Not only did he recognize it from the film (as opposed to the Smashing Pumpkins video or the Hugo Cabret movie or book, but even got the year (1902) right. Maybe there's hope after all.

08/17/18: I've not been in the best mood this week, but this video made me happy this morning.

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