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03/26/17: I finally did it. I set my netbook back to Windows 7. Stephie bought this little Toshiba for me back in 2011 and it was perfect for writing. It was light, the keyboard was good, and the battery lasted long enough. It wasn't fast or anything, but for what I wanted to use it for (writing on the go) it was perfect. When Windows 10 came out a few years ago, I read a number of articles saying that it was actually better on netbooks than Win7, so I took a chance and did the free upgrade. For a while, it was good, maybe a little better performance than Win7. But as time went on, it slowed to where it was unusable. On days when it needed to run an update, which, since I only used the thing once in a while, seemed like every time I wanted to use it, the system wouldn't even respond to keyboard or mouse while the update was downloading.

     So today I backed everything up and told it to go back to factory install. It took the better part of the day, but it's back to Windows 7. It's slow, but at least it's usable. When I have time, I'm going to also install Linux Mint Mate on it and see how that works.

03/09/17: I hope I didn't freak out the people ahead of me on my way to work today, but they had some cool bumper stickers and I wanted to get a picture. Actually, I took five pictures, hoping one of them would come out clear. This is the best shot of the bunch. In case you can't make them out, there was a Night Vale sticker that read "Guns Don't Kill People. It's impossible to be killed by a gun. We are all invincible to bullets, and it's a miracle." There was also a D20 die, like you'd use to play Dungeons and Dragons, and a Science fish. My favorite, though, was their take on those goofy family stickers that you see on SUVs. You know, the semi-stick figures of Mom and Dad and however many kids and pets might be in the family. This car had a Mom and Dad, four cats, and two bags of cash. It made me laugh out loud.

03/08/17: There's a puzzling trend I've seen several times, most recently this morning. I saw a person on the tollway cut into another lane of traffic and stop for no apparent reason, then just sit there for a few seconds before continuing on. It was almost like they did this to make the car behind them slam on their brakes, then pause as a way ot taunting them. I assume this is a road rage thing, but I don't understand this at all. You're going to risk your car being smashed into for what? To prove a point? What kind of an idiot does that?

     This happened to Stephie and I once. We were making a turn when the guy in the turn lane ahead of us suddenly slammed on his brakes and sat there briefly before moving on. I'm not sure what triggered this behavior. There was no one in front of him. We had the green light, and there was nobody making a turn from the other direction. I had just pulled into the turn lane behind this joker. It's not like I cut him off or anything. I hadn't even seen him before. Did he want me to hit him so he can sue me? Possibly ruin his car and maybe injure himself? What makes someone do this?

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