Stephanie is teaching a class at the LaGrange Art League called "Creating Abstract Art Using The 'Pour' Method."
Details, and sign-up information are on their site. She's taught this class in the past to much acclaim and much positive feedback. Classes are now under way, but there's still time to sign up and join the fun!

The next Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night will be on Saturday, June 23, and Matt will be reading the next chapter of his new "Barnstormers" story. You can read the previous chapter on his web site at On that site you can sign up for his mailing list, and you will receive the entire Barnstormers story to date, most chapters with content not read at the Tamale Hut.

For more information about Stephie's art, please also check out
For Matt's writing projects, please go to Enjoy your visit here!

02/13/17: When I started the new job, they bought me a brand new laptop, a Dell Ultrabook. Up till now, I've mostly used it at my desk, in the dock, so I haven't used the built-in keyboard much. With last weeks run of meetings, I got to spend a lot of time working on the keyboard and I noticed something really annoying to me. There's no dedicated Home or End keys. In lieu of a Home key, I have to hold the Fn key down with my left hand, and press the left arrow key with my right. A week of this and I realized how much I actually use the Home key. The most common use for me is when I want to highlight the contents of a field, like to copy the URL from the browser. The easiest way I found is to click at the end of the line then hold the Shift and tap the Home key. Sometimes I'll click anywhere in the URL string, tap the End key, then do the Shift-Home combo to highlight the entire line. On a normal keyboard, I can do this without thinking, but I kept having to stop and hunt for the Fn key while holding the Shift with my left hand, then find the arrow key with my right. First-world problems, I know, but it was enough to break my workflow, and distract me from what I was doing.
     I use the Home and End keys a lot when typing, too, to jump to the beginning and end of the line I'm working on. In that case, the two-handed Home key definitely breaks my flow. I'm not a touch typist (I frequently look a the keys) but I am usually pretty quick. This laptop keyboard is fairly easy to type on, but every time I want to use the Home or End keys, I have to stop thinking about what I'm typing and hunt for the correct key combination. I thought that I would get used to this, but after a 40-hour work week on this keyboard, it's still not natural.
     This was on my mind this past weekend so I brought it up at my Writers Group meeting on Saturday. I asked everyone if they used the Home and End keys, and the answers were split almost evenly into two groups. Half the people said they use the Home and End keys all the time, and the other half asked what the Home and End keys were used for, since they never used them. Maybe they're working on keyboards without dedicated Home and End keys.

02/10/17: The job is still going well, but this week was very trying. Five days packed solid with one meeting after another. It was important that I attended all these meetings, but I literally got none of my other work done. It's been a long time since I've had that particular pleasure.

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