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02/07/15: February is shaping up to be a bad month for my already overloaded MythTV DVR system. Not only are all our regular broadcast shows back after the Christmas holiday hiatus, and Stephie's favorite show, Perception, is back for what looks to be its final five episodes, but WYCC, the PBS station out of Daily College, is showing Poirot and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on its Tuesday night mystery block. We've long enjoyed Poirot on Masterpiece Mystery, and have the DVR set to record any Poirot episode, regardless if we've seen it or not.
     Miss Fisher was a recent discovery, as episodes started appearing on WYCC's holiday Mystery Marathons last year. It's a show about a female detective in Australia in the 1920s. The show features interesting stories, great music, cool cars, men with hats, and a liberated lady detective who solves crimes and looks great doing it. I highly recommend it.
     Also this week, the Hallmark Movie Channel is rerunning all of the Hallmark Mystery Movies from a few years ago. This won't beat up the DVR too badly, because we already have all the McBride and Jane Doe episodes, and it doesn't seem like they have the Mystery Woman pilot, which is the only one we don't have recorded. They are, however, also showing Jesse Stone reruns, and I'm not sure we've even seen all of them.
     The big thing, though, and the one that had me doing a happy dance in the apartment this morning, is that the MHz network, which is the International channel for WYCC here, is bringing back Tatort: Cologne starting today. Years ago, I found a program on MHz called International Mystery, and have since seen many subtitled movies featuring Inspector Montalbano, Maigret, Commissario Brunetti, Annika Bengtzon, the Swedish Wallander, and other foreign-language mystery series. But one of our favorites was a German-language series shown as Scene of the Crime featuring a pair of cops named Freddy and Max. MHz stopped showing Scene of the Crime several years ago, and since then, I discovered that it was only one part of a rotating-cast series called Tatort, which has been running in Germany since 1970, only I could never find any way or buying or watching subtitled episodes. When I was going through the DVR listing to see if there was anything else interesting that I want to record this week, I clicked on the MHz web site and found they will be showing new (to us) Max and Freddy episodes every Saturday night in February. The DVR is now set!
     I should probably also mention that February is Jack Benny month on Those Were The Days, on Saturday afternoons on WDCB. IT's not TV, so it's not going to impact the DVR, but that's more content for us to enjoy. I may need to take some time off of work this month!

02/01/15: The snow storm we just had is officially the fifth heaviest snowfall on record for Chicago. It's got me thinking, though, that I don't know how I'll remember it. After all, I now have lived through the five biggest snow storms that the city has seen.
As I wrote back in 2011, I have unique memories of each of the top four storms. From walking down Kedzie Ave. to my grandmother's wake in 1967, to forgetting my laptop at work and having to head back downtown after having made it safely home in 2011, I have a funny story for the other dates. But this one happened mostly on the weekend, and we had plenty of provisions at home, so there was no necessary travel needed. We had nothing planned that had to be cancelled.
     Many people said they were inconvenienced because they had Super Bowl-related plans, but as we didn't care at all about the two teams involved, we never planned to even watch the game (we watched "The Towering Inferno" off our DVR instead), so that was not an issue. I guess this year's storm will be remembered, at least by us, as "just another snow." At least Kisu go to go out and play in it.

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