Stephanie is teaching a class at the LaGrange Art League called "Creating Abstract Art Using The 'Pour' Method."
Details, and sign-up information are on their site. She's taught this class in the past to much acclaim and much positive feedback. Classes are now under way, but there's still time to sign up and join the fun!

The next Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night will be on Saturday, June 23, and Matt will be reading the next chapter of his new "Barnstormers" story. You can read the previous chapter on his web site at On that site you can sign up for his mailing list, and you will receive the entire Barnstormers story to date, most chapters with content not read at the Tamale Hut.

For more information about Stephie's art, please also check out
For Matt's writing projects, please go to Enjoy your visit here!

02/26/06: We didn't throw a birthday party for Stephie this year, but she got a really great present. She once mentioned to (Matt's) Dad that she would like to have a lazy susan for the dining room table, and Dad, being the amateur woodworker that he is, volunteered to make one for her. That was around four years ago. This year for her birthday, she got what he is calling a "dazy susan". Check it out here!

02/09/06: I've been trying to set up some kind of XMLTV-based TV guide system on my server at home, since none of the available paper TV guides are useful to me any more. I have the data download working, but I was looking for an easy way to display the information in a browser window. I would like to have it show a grid like you might get from Yahoo or Zap2It, but I also would like it to find things for me, like I understand a PVR will do. I haven't found anything that does everything I want it to do right out of the box (Whatson is pretty close) so it looks like I'll have to get off my lazy behind and write one myself.
     But I had a pleasant surprise this morning. I was checking out how Whatson displays a programs' detail, and above it on the screen there was a list of programs to pick from. I almost fell off my chair when I saw Floyd Uncorked listed. I clicked on it, and found out that our old buddy Keith Floyd is appearing weekday mornings on The Travel Channel!
     If you've never seen any of the various Floyd cooking shows, you don't know what you're missing. This is not your typical cooking show. Part food, part travelogue, with a bit of humor and a lot of drinking, the Floyd shows never fail to entertain Stephie and I. We watched him many years ago when he was on channel 11, but haven't seen much of him on TV since. One year I gave Stephie a tape of Floyd on Italy that I ordered from Amazon UK and had professionally (and expensively) converted to NTSC.
     You don't have to go through that trouble if you have the Travel Channel. Tomorrow (2/10) at 9AM CST they are showing the final two episodes of Floyd Uncorked, which we have as a boxed VHS tape. Next week they will be showing Far Flung Floyd, which I believe covers Asia, and they are following that with Floyd on Italy, which we can say from personal experience is very entertaining. I don't know if you'd necessarily want to make any of the dishes he shows you, since they probably would appeal more to the European palate, but the shows are a riot. Set up your favorite video time-shifting device today!

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