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12/28/16: The new job is going well, but the 68 mile round-trip daily commute is a little wearing. At least I have a reliable vehicle, and plenty of podcasts and old-time radio shows to keep my mind off being stuck in traffic. Many people have worse problems.
     I saw an interesting sight outside my office building as I approached today, and I had the presence of mind to get my phone out and take a picture. As I rounded the corner toward the door, I saw this little cutie peeking in the window. I snapped a couple of pictures before she spotted me and took off. The building is sort-of built into a hill, and she ran up the hill, stopping at the top. She looked back at me as if to give me one more chance to take a picture, then bounded off. The picture here is from when I first saw her. If you click on it, you can see the last shot I had of her. I've set that one as the wallpaper of my computer at work.

12/12/16: The nightmare is just about over. After ten months of unemployment, I start a new job today. I'll be in a similar position, but in a completely different industry, so while the job might be the same, the place and the people and the actual work will be all new. The last time I started at a new place where I didn't know anyone was 1991. Wish me luck!

12/08/16: Back when I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows that I rarely got to see was Thunderbirds. The reason I rarely saw it was that it was on channel 32, and the TV in my room only had VHF channels (yes, they did make 'em like that!) I could only watch Thunderbirds on the family TV, and my pre-teen self was not allowed to touch that one for fear I'd damage it. (One vivid memory of my youth was trying to watch Thunderbirds after my brother found what I recall as the dozen of knobs on the back of the box which controlled the color. Dad was steamed, and was trying to reset the colors to normal while I just wanted to watch my show. I had a flashback to that event when I got to that particular episode on the DVD set.)
     Back then, I had Thunderbirds toys, Thunderbirds model kits, even a Thunderbirds board game that I got one year for St. Nick's day that I couldn't wait to get home from school to play, although I don't remember ever actually playing it. Years later, I got a Thunderbirds game for my Atari ST, the Thunderbirds game for the Game Boy, and, of course, the complete TV series on DVD. I still haven't watched the final episode on the last DVD because once I do, it'll be done and I won't have any more. I even bought the live-action version from 2004, which was not too bad for what it was.
     This all comes to mind because of a YouTube video I saw this morning. I knew of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore well before Moore's Hollywood success, after I picked up a copy of their "comedy" record, Derek and Clive Live, which is one record I made sure I never played when my parents were around. (Probably still wouldn't.) At the time, I was in the market for Monty Python records, and it may have had a sticker on it that indicated that it was more British humor, or I might have heard of Pete and Dud in relation to the other people that the Python guys worked with. In any case it blew my young mind.
     But as funny (and filty) as that record was, I like this clip even more. It seems like some of the best parody sketches on the original Saturday Night Live or SCTV. It looks like there are more Cook and Moore clips on YouTube. I'll have to check them out.

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