Stephanie is teaching a class at the LaGrange Art League called "Creating Abstract Art Using The 'Pour' Method."
Details, and sign-up information are on their site. She's taught this class in the past to much acclaim and much positive feedback. Classes are now under way, but there's still time to sign up and join the fun!

The next Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night will be on Saturday, June 23, and Matt will be reading the next chapter of his new "Barnstormers" story. You can read the previous chapter on his web site at On that site you can sign up for his mailing list, and you will receive the entire Barnstormers story to date, most chapters with content not read at the Tamale Hut.

For more information about Stephie's art, please also check out
For Matt's writing projects, please go to Enjoy your visit here!

11/26/09: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We had a very nice day, with Stephie cooking (and Kisu helping, as you can see) and my family coming over to share in the good food and good conversation. I hope everyone's holiday was as nice as ours.
     Lots of things have been happening lately, but I've just been too lazy to write. I had a business trip to Calgary back in October, which ate up most of the month with getting approvals and booking the flight and room and getting a passport and everything. I planned to post stuff from up there, but the beginning of the week was extremely busy with work, then I caught a bad cold and the rest of the week was miserable. I did spend a lot of time asking people "How's it going, eh?", which really never gets old. The work part of the trip didn't go well, but everything else was fine. One thing that was pretty cool was that I used Gizmo5 ( a VoIP app) on my Nokia N810 to talk to Stephie each night from my hotel room. We didn't use the video chat, since she doesn't have a camera, but the voice part was as good as a regular phone but with no long-distance charges!
     Likewise, there's been lots of stuff is going on around here. Stephie has a couple new pieces on her art page, and she had a booth at a local art show recently, but due to lack of promotion, very few people attended. It was good experience for her, with transporting all her artwork and setting up her display and all, and the people running the show were very apologetic, so if they have it next year, she'll participate. We did discover that we really need to work on her self-promotion, though. For one thing, there was no notice on this site that she was even going to be there! That's something we're going to have to improve on next year. We're also thinking about trying to sell her artwork on eBay. I'll post a link if we do that.
     And Kisu's been just fine. She's still having problems with her eyes being very dry, but the drops and ointment that she now gladly lets us apply seem to be helping out a lot. We've also been letting her off the leash in the yard or when we're taking her to the car, and she's really doing well with that. Last week, Stephie took her around the block without her leash, but I'm a little uncomfortable doing that. It's not that I think she would run away. I'd actually be concerned that I would be distracted and not notice if she took off after a squirrel or bunny until it was too late. I had her in the yard once when she saw a squirrel and started after it, but I was able to call her back before she really got going. I'd be afraid of her running into the street.
     Otherwise, all is well here. I'll try not to be so lazy in the future!

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