Stephanie is teaching a class at the LaGrange Art League called "Creating Abstract Art Using The 'Pour' Method."
Details, and sign-up information are on their site. She's taught this class in the past to much acclaim and much positive feedback. Classes are now under way, but there's still time to sign up and join the fun!

The next Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night will be on Saturday, June 23, and Matt will be reading the next chapter of his new "Barnstormers" story. You can read the previous chapter on his web site at On that site you can sign up for his mailing list, and you will receive the entire Barnstormers story to date, most chapters with content not read at the Tamale Hut.

For more information about Stephie's art, please also check out
For Matt's writing projects, please go to Enjoy your visit here!

10/20/04: I was kind of bummed this week when I discovered that I couldn't find the Virtual Theremin on the Internet. Sure, I found the one that works with a webcam, and a shareware one that's mouse controlled, but I wanted the one where you actually control Leon Theremin's arms that I had downloaded at work a while back, as pictured here.
      Fortunately, I still have my old PC under my desk, and I was able to grab it and install it at home. It was only then that it was clear why it had all but vanished from the 'net. The guys that developed it (for the BBC) wrote it in Shockwave 8, and for some reason it doesn't work under the latest version of Shockwave, and to add insult to injury, older versions are not available at Macromedia's site!
      But you're in luck! If you have Shockwave 8 on your system, you can download the Windows version of the Virtual Theremin in a ZIP file here. And if you don't have Shockwave at all on your system, you can get version 8 here. Just keep in mind that it's not the latest-and-greatest version, but the latest-and-greatest won't run the Virtual Theremin, so how great can it be?

      Good news this week, though, is that we have a couple new pieces of art by Stephanie on her art page, which you can get to by clicking here.

10/05/04: Chalk it up to the power of childhood memories: I was heading out to do some errands the other day, and my first stop was Walgreen's. I picked up what I needed there, and on my way to the checkout, I figured I'd get a candy bar to sustain me on the rest of my tasks.
      I don't buy a lot of candy, but when I do, I usually gravitate towards peanut-type bars, like Snickers or Payday. But when I was scanning the rack before making my choice, one bar caught my eye. I know that there has been Wonka-oriented candy for a while, but this was the first time I remember seeing a Wonka Bar. But it wasn't the name that grabbed me. As you can see from the picture on this page, this Wonka Bar MIGHT JUST CONTAIN A GOLDEN TICKET! (You can click the picture for a better view.)
      I had that baby in my hot little hands before I knew what was happening. I had visions of peeling the wrapping back and seeing that gold leaf reflect the sun, just like in the movie. I was so excited that I had my stuff bought and was sitting in the car before thinking a) I don't even know what kind of a candy bar a Wonka Bar is, and b) I don't know what I would be winning if I had the Golden Ticket!
      Of course, I didn't win, but the bar was pretty good. And for a moment on a Saturday afternoon, I felt like I was Charlie!

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