Stephanie is teaching a class at the LaGrange Art League called "Creating Abstract Art Using The 'Pour' Method."
Details, and sign-up information are on their site. She's taught this class in the past to much acclaim and much positive feedback. Classes are now under way, but there's still time to sign up and join the fun!

The next Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series night will be on Saturday, June 23, and Matt will be reading the next chapter of his new "Barnstormers" story. You can read the previous chapter on his web site at On that site you can sign up for his mailing list, and you will receive the entire Barnstormers story to date, most chapters with content not read at the Tamale Hut.

For more information about Stephie's art, please also check out
For Matt's writing projects, please go to Enjoy your visit here!

01/28/14: Suspicious character was spotted out walking his dog in sub-zero temperatures today. If you see him, don't be afraid. Offer him hot chocolate. He needs it.

01/13/14: So we were walking Kisu around the neighborhood tonight, an unusually warm night for January, and we caught a whiff of burgers on a grill. Stephie was planning salads for dinner, but being the bad influence I am, I suggested we go out for burgers. The scent in the air convinced her that it was a good idea.
     We got Kisu settled at home and went to our new favorite burger place, Back Alley Burger in LaGrange. They have great burgers, but they also have gluten-free buns, which is what Stephie needs for her diet. Also, the beef is grass-fed, not a big deal to me, but a must for her. After much deliberation, we ordered and found a table to wait for our food.
     I had my back to the counter, and I noticed Stephie watching the kids working in the kitchen. I asked her if she missed it, working in a kitchen. Not the hours or the hard work, but the fun you have when you're really busy and everyone is working in sync. She said that's what she misses, as well as the cast of characters she worked with.
     As the discussion went on, I started reminiscing about my time working in a kitchen, at my first job at McDonald's when I was in high school. I told her about how McDonald's had a standard way of cooking the burgers, and how we had to circumvent those procedures when a rush hit. I really have fond memories of that job, and just then, I realized that today was the anniversary of the day I started at McDonald's. The day I entered the work force. It was a Friday night, and I worked two hours on the Quarter-pounder grill. It was only later that I realized how lucky I was to start my first day on the grill. Most people started working fries or (god-forbid) cleaning the lobby, only to have to work their way up to the grill.
     Times sure have changed. That first day, there were only a few items on the McDonald's dinner menu. Hamburger, cheeseburger, Big Mac, quarter-pounder (with and without cheese), filet o' fish, fries and apple pies. That was it. Today, the variety is astounding. For example, today at BAB I had the bourbon bacon blackberry blue burger (1/2 lb beef on a buttery bun, blue cheese, bacon, blackberry bourbon jam, grilled onions, mustard, romaine), an order of cheese onion rings, and a chocolate coconut shake. Everything was delicious.
     Another thing that's different these days, too. As I thought about it, I realized that first day at McDonald's I earned $5.30, before tax. I don't think that would have paid for my shake today!

01/06/14: Kisu says, "I don't care if it's 12 below zero. You bought me this vest so I wanna go out!"

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